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  • Two Shades of Pink
    My gorgeous new friend, Jessica, has an amazing story of her journey to motherhood, and daily chats about her life in the trenches. You'll laugh out loud, and sometimes cry as you read; I love her perspective on life!!
  • Mom2Drew
    My incredibly sweet friend Jenny writes about life with her little boy (who is also incredibly sweet and very cute!). A totally different perspective than those of us with girls, although she does have a baby girl on the way! I always find her posts encouraging. I know you will too.
  • Confetti Events Blog
    I love this blog! New ideas, amazing finds, innovative designing . . . this one always gets my creative juices flowing!
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    See life's most precious memories through Stacey's lens as she lets us get sneak peeks of photos she's proofing for clients. Gorgeous shots, beautiful photos, and sweet Southern stories!
  • Bring the Rain
    For those of you who have ever lost a child, or know someone who has, this blog is incredible. Having lost four babies myself, giving birth to one and knowing her for a brief four hours before she died, I can tell you every sentiment, every feeling, every sentence is absolutely true. From mourning to dancing, this blog will completely bless you.

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June 21, 2010


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stacey woods

Will this help frantic work-at-home moms too?? I can't tell you how much I need this! The chaos of dinnertime (which coincidentally always falls within "the witching hour"), getting P to do anything, anything, the first time we ask, dealing with the endless barrage of, "Can you get me a snack?", "Can I have another drink?", "Her turn was longer than mine," along with shrieks from the little one. All the while trying to run my business from home. It would be fabulous to carry this over into fall. Where do you find such wonderfulness all the time?? Fantastic article, and I am impressed with Lori's site already.


I need help because I am new to this stay at home mom thing and I'm not feeling very good at it.

Kookie Krums

Jada, I never felt good at it either when I stayed home, but I think we're our own worst critics. I'm sure you're rocking it more than you give yourself credit for!


Hi Kookie Krums,

Who won this contest? Not too many people entered. Our program doesn't start now until September 16th.


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